Live game review!

So...I know I said I'd be putting up a review of the game but I can't stop playing...So I'll get it up ASAP (when im not grinding). If you wanna chat hit me up on Mysidia, the name is Danatoth Kikuchi


FFXIV is officially released!!

Just picked up my copy and am currently installing! Words can't describe how excited I am! Tomorrow I'll put of screen shots of my character and do a first day review! Keep in touch~ ~ ~


FFXIV Release is approaching~ ~

With the release of FFXIV only 2 days away I've settled on all my info. I will be playing a Conjurer/Thaumaturge as a Lallafel on the Mysidia server under the name "Danatoth Kikuchi". Feel free to stop by and say hi on release day!